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Ilana Lydia
Artistic Director, B3 Productions

Ilana Lydia is a playwright and director, with many shows’ experience acting and designing sound, as well.  Over the years, she has co-founded seven theater collectives.  She has published two novels on Amazon (one under a pseudonym), and has taught theater at the university level. 


Lydia dropped out of high school at age 15 to enter college full time.  Her first major was Music, but after transferring to a small private Catholic university, she changed to Philosophy and Drama.  She took the school’s top honor in Philosophy her senior year, and started the group Experimental Theatre which put on three plays she directed.


As a graduate student at Utah State University, Lydia concentrated on developing a new adaptation of Crime & Punishment, directing it as her graduate thesis.  She joined forces with another director and shared a cast to put on From Morn ‘Til Midnight and Mamet’s Edmund, using masks heavily in her design.  She also directed Fefu and Her Friends here, starting her love affair with Magical Realism.

Upon her return to Phoenix, Lydia started Theater In My Basement, S/W Annex with a friend, working many new plays through development as a director and a playwright.  She is especially proud of her production of mutant: A BEARER OF SHADOWS/a tone/text poem to Novarina, a play co-written with Chris Danowski, which dealt with the breaking down of language and meaning.  She returned on the scene with her 2014 revival of her children’s play Rumplestiltskin’s Fire at Brelby Theatre in Glendale, Arizona. 


Since then, she has directed the feminist piece The Waiting Room for Mesa Encore Theatre where she took Director of the Year for a Black Box Production.  She became Associate Artistic Director for B3, then Bare Black Box Productions, in May, before moving on to become the Artistic Director in September.  Lydia was the 2017 recipient of the New England Theatre Conference's Aurand Harris Memorial Playwriting Award for her children’s play The Mulligrubs.